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White Project




Tyvek & zero-waste

这是一个关注可持续发展的项目。这个想法的来源是Rickard Lindqvist写的一本叫做《KINETIC GARMENT CONSTRUCTION》的书。书中对我来说有两个重要的点,分别是古老的一片布包裹成衣服和另一种是通过一块完整的矩形切割得到衣服。我在这个项目中使用的唯一面料是Tyvek,这个项目的亮点是用来浪费的设计手法。

This is a project that focuses on sustainable development. The source of this idea was a book called "KINETIC GARMENT CONSTRUCTION" written by Rickard Lindqvist. The two important points for me in the book are ancient wrapping techniques and rectangular cutting. The only fabric I use in this project is Tyvek. And the highlight of this project is zero-waste cutting.

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